Art students are the winners of Boomerang Festival’s Sculpture Garden

Boomerang Festival is thrilled to announce the winner of the Sculpture Garden Contest: the extraordinary piece “Jellyfish”.



Artwork: Jellyfish

Artist: The Recycled Art Club students at Maria Regina College, Ex lily of the Valley Secondary School Mosta under the guidance of Art Teacher Denise Muscat


“Jellyfish have drifted along ocean currents for millions of years. These invertebrates have no blood, no bones, no heart and no brain as we know it. Despite their stingy defences, jellyfish are eaten by other sea creatures. Sadly, our plastic waste in the sea can become a threat. Many sea turtles die when they ingest plastic they mistook for jellyfish. Dealing with waste is a major problem we all face every day. Each one of us, as humans, have the responsibility to take care of our planet. We have to be aware of our actions and do our best to reduce our ecological footprint.. It’s main aim is to help us reflect on our impact on the environment”.

These mobile sculptures were part of the stage set. They are made up of broken umbrellas. The tentacles are mostly T-shirt yarn (old t-shirts cut into thin strips) and paper painted with left over paints from the art room. The reflective paper is from food packaging. Re used yarn was used for the crotchet bits embellished with beads from broken costume jewellery.


The Top 14 Artworks


 About the Contest

The Boomerang Festival Sculpture Garden Contest celebrates creativity and sustainability by recognizing artists who transform ordinary repurposed materials into extraordinary works of art. The contest featured 13 remarkable sculptures, each reflecting themes of Life, Nature, or Animals.


Thank You to Our Participants

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the talented artists who participated in this year’s contest. Your innovative and inspiring creations added immense value to the festival, and we are truly impressed by the creativity and dedication each of you demonstrated.


Special Thanks to Malta Daily

We also want to thank Malta Daily for sponsoring this initiative and providing the €1,000 cash prize awarded to our winning artist. Your support helps us continue to promote sustainability and creativity within our community.