Friday 31st May till Sunday 2nd June
Ta’ Qali, National Park, Malta

Boomerang Festival is an annual celebration of alternative music where, for three days, the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. A transcending journey to reconnect with your soul through music and art.

Every stage at Boomerang is a portal to a new immersive experience:


Immerse yourself in the vibrations of Reggae, Drum & Bass, Dub, and Ska as live bands echo the rhythms to your heart.


Wander through the Electric Woods, where Techno Groove, Minimal, Tech House, Deep House, and Progressive Dub form a sonic landscape that breathes electronic vibes into the air.


Experience the intimate vibes of World Music, Ethnic Chill, Ambient, Downtempo, and Minimal sounds at the Groove Temple, a sanctuary for those seeking a deeper connection through sound.

We promise a unique and alternative musical experience amplified through collaborations with the finest talent from around the world.

We joined forces with Chai Wallahs, who have hosted rooms in the legendary Glastonbury and Shambala Festivals; and Cafe De Anatolia, the world’s most popular ethnic music stream.

Our local partners; Bass Culture, Batti Batti, Blank, Chain Records, Ruby & S.Mario have also embraced our dream.

Festival Grounds

• Camping & Morning Wellbeing Sessions: Enjoy the full experience of the Festival by camping.
• Art & Entertainment Shows: Immerse yourself in a tapestry of creativity, where art installations and performances create a wonderland for self-discovery
• Ethnic Bazaar: Wander through a bazaar of wonders, where ethnic stalls unveil treasures that speak to the richness of cultures and traditions.
• Food & Drink: Indulge in a feast for the senses, a fusion of flavors that mirrors the diversity of the festival.
• Family Games: Join the fun and create memories with your loved ones in an atmosphere where connection holds.
• Kids Park: Raise the curiosity of the little ones in a dedicated space filled with excitement and wonder.

Choose your Boomerang experience

Our festival is open to all ages (under 17 must be accompanied by adults), ensuring a diverse and inclusive atmosphere for everyone. Choose from the following ticketing options

Day Pass

Join us just for a single day. (Children under 12 enter for FREE)

3-Day Weekend Pass

Guarantee you access throughout the three days of the festival. (Children under 12 enter for FREE)

Camping Package (3 Nights)

To secure your camping spot, purchase a 3-day weekend pass and apply with the Majjistral Nature Park as per the instructions provided with your ticket purchase. If accepted, a nominal €12 donation to the Majjistral Nature Park will be needed.

For the Campers

  • Participation as a collaborator, contributor, or crew member in the festival organization. If you’re eager to be part of our vibrant team, express your interest by reaching out to us at
  • For those who prefer camping without direct involvement in the festival logistics, we have collaborated with Majjistral Nature Park to provide an alternative option. You must first purchase a 3-day Weekend Pass and then submit your application to Majjistral Nature Park. Upon approval, a nominal donation of €12 to the NGO will be required. This contribution supports the valuable environmental preservation work undertaken by Majjistral Nature Park.