Boomerang Festival Care Guide

Hello 🙂, and welcome to Boomerang Festival Care Guide brought to you in collaboration with Harm Reduction Malta and People and Dancefloors.

We are eager to welcome you to a new immersive experience, and to share key health and safety tips to chill, have fun, and ultimately help you avoid a nasty hangover the next day


Remember keep hydrated to mitigate the worst effects of hangover


Watch your alcoholic intake!

Not all alcoholic beverages contain the same amount of alcohol levels.
Always pay attention to the alcohol content and monitor dosage [especially if temperatures are above 20 degrees]

Avoid mixing different alcoholic drinks, and beware of cocktails [sugar hides the alcoholic content].
Drink water … we all say we do, but do we really drink enough?


Don’t let the binge ruin the game. Know when to stop.


for every action is an equal and opposite reaction


Want to learn more about safer alcohol use? Check out this page by Drugs and Me


Puffin’ the herb?

Use a carbon-activated filter, your mouth and lungs will thank you the next day!

Mixing tobacco? Seriously? Think twice! Nicotine increases your risks of dependence and other health related risks.  It also disrupts your canna-experience.

Are you on an empty stomach? Reduce risks, keep hydrated, eat fruit and other nutritious food. Visit the food court to sample some of the best soulful cuisine on the island.

Drinking alcohol? Pay extra attention, it could get extra risky!


Want to learn more about safer cannabis use? Check out this educational page by Sonar Berlin


Make love and listen to the music!

but make sure you include the C-thing.

Carry condoms, use condoms 😉 Ask yourself, is it consensual?

REMEMBER: A yes means yes, as much as a no always means NO!

Take care of yourself and your loved one.


Check out further information about safer sex provided by the Sexual Health Department


Take it easy and have breaks from dancing. 

Make sure to find ventilated and shaded areas.

Carry a hand ventilator. It’s an inexpensive way to keep cool, and make new friends 😉

If feeling overheated, move away from the crowd and ask a friend to be with you.

Wet your face, neck, wrists, arms, and legs to keep cool.

Refrain from drinking alcohol or consuming other substances. Water is your BFF!


Dance it off

Hangover: how to avoid it? How to cure it?

Drinking water, eating a healthy meal (before and after), not overdosing on alcoholic beverages, limiting sugar intake and monitoring consumption levels are all important tips to reduce the negative effects of a hangover.

Take it easy


If you are chilling in your tent, or back home, give your body and mind time to replenish and recharge.

Take care of your surroundings and find a place where to rest.
Ask your friends to be respectful.


Want to learn more? Read our full care guide in English and Maltese. 


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